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Ergonomic and slim design, state-of-the-art technology with a durable core, a fantastic gaming experience on up to three large screens – that’s the M-BOX from adp Gauselmann, the world’s most successful slot machine. last 20 years. The 111,111th unit has now rolled off the production line at the company’s production site at its headquarters in Lübbecke.

“There is no denying that the expansion of the M-BOX to so many game arcades around the world is a very special milestone, bringing continued gaming enjoyment to many people,” says Paul Gauselmann, company founder and Chairman of the Board. “And to say that all of this is the product of our own development and production capabilities in East Westphalia.”

The M-BOX was launched in 2015 after four years of intensive development. Often copied, but never equaled, the alluring slot machine has revolutionized the entire vending machine industry. It quickly gained popularity both domestically in Germany and abroad, where it is marketed under the product name Avantgarde.

“The M-BOX represents a whole new type of cabinet design, not only in terms of design and ergonomics, but also in terms of technology, durability and energy efficiency. Its international popularity is confirmation that our development department has pulled off a real masterstroke,” says Jürgen Stühmeyer, Member of the Board of Directors at MERKUR Sales.

Translating the M-BOX concept into a finished product took resourcefulness and perseverance. Initially, the ergonomic requirements identified in an ergonomic study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute were not compatible with the technical requirements of the new multigamer. The solution lies in a new door concept that allows the M-BOX door to swing upwards rather than laterally, leaving enough space for the necessary components.

The use of modern processors and new touchscreen technology ensures that games are displayed in brilliant Full HD resolution without loss of brightness. Despite this exceptional performance capability, the multigamer is much more energy efficient, resulting in up to 50% lower power consumption – a breakthrough that not only benefits operators, but more importantly the environment.

Dr. Werner Schroer, member of the Gauselmann Group Management Board, Development and Technology, explains: “The M-BOX is the result of exceptional teamwork. While working on its development, we motivated and inspired each other, always with the aim of making improvements and developing a perfect machine for even more gaming pleasure. This is the passion we all share within the Gauselmann group.

This passion was also the driving force behind the continued development and optimization of the M-BOX over the following years, which saw adp Gauselmann launch a number of new themed M-BOX editions, including the SOCCER, SEVEN and PRINCE. In 2017, the cabinet was modernized with the addition of a third 27-inch monitor, marking the birth of the M-BOX TRIO. Two and three years later, the M-BOX MAX and M-BOX MAX TRIO followed, which offer maximum range for reels on 32-inch monitors.

“Each year, up to 50,000 gaming machines roll off our production lines. With 111,111 units produced, the M-BOX in its various forms obviously stands out in particular,” explains Production Manager Hans Martin Grube. During construction, the M-BOX goes through seven assembly stages with 4,937 individual components and a total production time of approximately 14 hours. Through their dedication to work, our approximately 300 line employees ensure that each unit meets rigorous quality standards.

The M-BOX not only convinces with its cabinet design; top-notch game content is also a winner. Exciting new games and features are constantly being developed and tested in large-scale field tests, paving the way for adp Gauselmann to deliver the ideal mix of games time and time again.

And with his 2015 prediction for the M-BOX, Jürgen Stühmeyer, Member of the Management Board of MERKUR Sales, hit the nail on the head: “The right business model is important, but fun for everyone involved is just as important.” And it’s guaranteed here. Today, the 111,111 M-BOXes sold add some 23,195,000 kilos of weight to this balance sheet.

To mark this special achievement, the company has also developed a special initiative. The employee donation for the benefit of the victims of the 2021 flood disaster in western Germany in the amount of 85,000 euros, which was supplemented to 95,800 euros by the Paul and Karin Gauselmann Foundation and several subsidiaries , will again be increased by 15,311 euros to 111,111 euros, thus corresponding to the number of units produced and supporting the inhabitants of North Rhine-Westphalia.


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