A new sustainable vodka with a unique production method is launched at Stamford Bridge

Dutch Barn Orchard Voka

Ellers Farm Distillery, which makes Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka, describes the spirit as “a smooth, clean, crisp drink with an entirely sustainable ethos.”

This philosophy is simple: to make the best vodka in the world by being the best vodka in the world.

Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka has been certified carbon neutral since day one and efforts to minimize the company’s environmental impact are at the forefront of their considerations.

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Environmental concerns are at the forefront of production

The distillery was built on Ellers Farm, located at Stamford Bridge near York, with water coming from the ground below.

Ellers Farm is also planting twenty acres of orchard on the farm to provide apples for vodka production and which will further offset carbon emissions.

A visitor center will also be built on site. Once complete, the distillery will host guided tours welcoming people from here and abroad.

The unique production process means the vodka is tasted every 20 minutes as it evolves from British apples, balanced with a touch of potato spirit until it develops into a crisp, clean and exceptionally smooth 40% ABV vodka.

Vodka uses a unique production method.

A range of flavored vodka is also available, including Scarlett’s Cherry Liqueur, Flora’s Elderflower and Elderberry Liqueur and Forte’s Espresso Vodka.

Dutch Barn is made under the supervision of Master Distiller Jamie Baggot who said: “The Dutch Barn making process was such a big challenge as I had to make sure it tasted good, whilst maintaining production as well. sustainable as possible.

“I loved every minute of the challenge and I believe we made the best vodka in the world, it’s also the best for the world!”

Speaking about the launch of Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka, Ellers Farm Distillery’s sustainability manager, Tabatha Hurst, said: “I am very happy to see Dutch Barn come to life, truly demonstrating our efforts to minimize our impact. environmental everywhere while giving people an eco-mindedness they can really enjoy finding the perfect balance between people, profit and the planet. »

Distillery tours will be available in the future

The pending B Corp® status which measures the environmental and social impact of a company is already acquired.

The distillery also markets Dutch Barn in a unique, locally sourced brown glass bottle that not only protects the vodka, but is also produced from up to 60% recycled glass. The UK average for clear glass, the usual choice for vodka, is just 38%.

To celebrate the launch, Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka is encouraging people to join their tribe – and for everyone who does, they’ll be planting a tree thanks to their partnership with Ecologi.

The vodka is available at select major retailers as well as on Amazon.

To learn more about Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka, visit www.dutchbarn.com or [email protected]


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