As the live sports production industry faces a crew crisis, program production springs into action


PPI takes a three-step approach to tackling the problem: recruitment, training and placement

The live sports production industry is facing an existential crisis in terms of manpower. Since the start of the pandemic, more than a third of the freelance community has retired or left the industry for alternative career paths. As a result, regional and national broadcasters often find themselves rushing to engineering and production positions built into the truck almost daily. With that in mind, Program Productions Inc. (PPI) is taking action with a new initiative to recruit the next generation of live sports technicians.

While many in the live sports production community have chosen new career paths during the pandemic, young engineering professionals have also been less likely to enter the business than their predecessors with the benefits. offered by major tech companies.

As Amy Scheller, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Development and Director of Sales and Marketing, Program Productions, Put the“We stopped talking about it and we actually committed resources to it.”

Over the past three years, PPI has developed a dedicated recruiting and training department and has invested over $1 million in these efforts. The company continues to develop the department and is developing a comprehensive plan to deliver training nationally and regionally using a three-step approach: recruitment, training and placement. However, PPI cannot fund this effort alone, so it is now asking its broadcast partners to help it continue to grow the initiative.

At SVG’s RSN Summit in Chicago last month, Bob Carzol, President of PPI and CEO of ProCrewzI gave an overview of this new recruitment and training program, how he sees the industry evolving in the coming years to deal with this crew crisis and how broadcasters can get involved to chart a course for their coming.


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