Automation of the coating service production line at Impact Coatings


Shockproof coatings installed an industrial robot with auxiliary automation equipment in the enterprise Coating Service Center. The coating technology and service provider has a decade of experience in providing PVD coatings for fuel cell plates. An INLINECOATER™FC system dedicated to the application was installed in 2018. The addition of an industrial robot to the production line allows for more efficient use of the system and increased production capacity.

“For us, the automated production line means more than just increasing production flow. It relieves our staff of repetitive tasks and reduces the risk of human error. We are also able to continue developing our robotic interface and automation solutions. For our coating services customers, the automation solution means we can run production processes at maximum capacity and increase throughput to meet growing market needs,” said Carina Höglund, vice president of coating services. coating.

Impact Coating chose a sensor-controlled intelligent automation setup, which does not require a physical safety cage. If you enter the clearly marked area, the sensors automatically stop the production process. The result is a very compact layout, which matches the small footprint of the INLINECOATER system. These compact production cells, measuring approximately 7×3 meters, are now also available as part of the Impact Coatings Systems Solutions offering.

The new automation solution is part of Impact Coatings’ growth strategy. Later this year, the company plans to start a second automated system Coating Service Center in Shanghai, China.


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