BOE 6th Generation Flexible AMOLED Production Line Enters Production Phase


Earlier this week, BOE announced that its 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line has just entered mass production.

The site of the advanced display technology installation is located in the southwest of Chongqing City, China. The reputable Chinese display maker is planning to expand its portfolio of flexible displays, according to a PanDaily report.

The advanced production line will join other manufacturing sites in Chengdu and Mianyang, at the mass production ceremony, BOE Chairman Liu Xiaodong said, “In the current information and digital age , new application markets such as smart mobile terminal, smart wearable devices, and smart connected cars are showing explosive growth trends. This increases the demand for high-end display technologies such as flexible displays. “

At present, the company already has 6 projects in Chongqing, including the latest 6th generation AMOLED flexible production line, it also owns its 8.5 generation TFT LCD panel line and BOE Chongqing Smart innovation center. System in the region. also.

boe display 1

All these facilities combined are estimated at around 86 billion yuan, or nearly 13.5 billion US dollars in terms of investment.

In addition to this, the latest 6th generation AMOLED flexible production line covers a massive area of ​​97,000 square meters.

This facility is also independently designed and developed by BOE, with panels produced to target small to mid-sized high-end display markets.

In other words, we can expect to see the new flexible panels in many consumer electronics products over the next year or so.

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