Cabot will build a new production line for aqueous pigment dispersions – Chemical Engineering


By Mary Page Bailey |

Cabot Corp. (Boston, MA) announced the expansion of its inkjet manufacturing facility in Haverhill, Massachusetts with the addition of a new production line. The expansion will increase the company’s overall capacity for aqueous color pigment dispersions and is part of an ambitious investment program of more than $50 million over the next three years to meet growing market demand. inkjet for digital printing applications. The new line is expected to be operational in 2023.

Next-generation digital printing offers unique benefits over analog printing, including greater design customization, the ability to improve speed-to-market, and sustainability benefits through shorter production cycles and less waste. Aqueous ink technology is the technology of choice to enable the transition from analog to digital printing in commercial and packaging applications. Cabot’s new inkjet capability will provide a reliable global supply to meet the growing need for inkjet solutions driven by the shift to digital printing.

“As a global leader in aqueous dispersion for inkjet with a broad portfolio of dispersion technologies, our investment will enable us to meet the anticipated growth needs of today’s rapidly changing inkjet market and to future,” said Nick Jones, vice president and general manager, Inkjet Solutions. “We are proud to be the only company to offer both an encapsulated polymer dispersion and our proprietary ‘small molecule’ technology for inkjet, enabling a superior degree of stability, flexibility and customization of printing for our customers. This expansion is an important step as we continue to advance our offerings and support the growth of our customers around the world in the retail and packaging industries.

In addition to the expansion of the new production line, the facility has recently undergone capital expansion projects, including upgrades to manufacturing equipment and processing technologies as part of the multi-year investment program. These upgrades improve operational efficiency, reduce water consumption and increase the ability to offer broader product portfolios to inkjet customers.


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