Case study: brake disc production line in France


Case study: Production line for turning and drilling machining of brake discs, in four configurations for a customer in France

Pickup turning machine

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The production line presented here is designed for the manufacture of brake discs for passenger cars with a gross diameter of 350 mm.

  • The line consists of three HESSAPP vertical lathes of the types DVT 500 and DVH 400.
  • The basic machines are designed in HYDROPOL® for this customer.
  • The DVH 400 machines have been equipped with an additional loading/unloading position (continuous cycle) to arrange them in line.
  • The OP10 turning operation is performed on the first DVH. On the next DVT, OP20 and OP30 machining is performed. This machine is equipped with 2 additional CN forklifts for the synchronous machining of 2 flat surfaces.
  • The second DVH 400 (OP40) is equipped with a multiple drilling head for drilling brake discs.
  • Between the machines and at the end of the line, turning stations have been integrated (generally unnecessary with other solutions). These make it possible to route the parts to the various machines in the specified machining position.
  • Depending on customer requirements, we are able to flexibly realize the production of brake discs in 3 or 4 configurations. The integration of finishing processes such as turning-milling and grinding has already been carried out on several occasions.

As a vertical lathe specialist, HESSAPP develops customer-specific solutions.

Hessapp dvt 500 Pick-up Tower vertical

Pick-Up Vertical Turning Machine / The Evolution of Single-Setup High-Precision Machining

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Solutions for the machining of brake discs have been successfully installed all over the world and produce high quality and cost effective products.

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