China’s first Tier 4 Robotaxis production line by AutoX is ready


The first Tier 4 Robotaxis production line in China by Autox, supported by Alibaba, is ready. Source: AutoX

  • The production facility will manufacture the latest fully driverless RoboTaxis powered by AutoX’s Gen5 system that will operate without the accompaniment of safety drivers.
  • The production lines are equipped with a range of advanced production technologies and systems, including ABB robots and control and transmission systems.

In January of this year, the Chinese start of autonomous vehicles AutoX, backed by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, opened its autonomous Robotaxis services to the Chinese public for the first time. Now the company has announced the completion of its first locally dedicated production facility which would allow greater production of their Fully autonomous level 4 vehicles.

Being one of the leaders of fully autonomous Level 4 RoboTaxis in China, AutoX said its fleets of its Gen5-equipped RoboTaxis – which were officially launched in July this year and operate without escorted safety drivers – already rolling off the production line and preparing to hit the road as demand continues to skyrocket for autonomous vehicles (AV).

In a media statement, the startup said that since the factory opened in July 2021, the production line has completed three rounds of design and process optimizations to produce AutoX’s signature RoboTaxis with a level extremely high precision and consistency. “Purpose-built and built by AutoX, the plant produces the company’s state-of-the-art Gen5 fleet of RoboTaxi,” said AutoX.

Currently, AutoX operates China’s largest service area for fully driverless RoboTaxis over 65 square miles of Shenzhen. The vehicles are able to travel on all public roads in the Pingshan District of Shenzhen, making AutoX the first driverless RoboTaxi service to cover an entire district in a Chinese megalopolis.

A facility that is the first of its kind in China, the new production facility marks a major milestone in the Chinese audiovisual industry because “a dedicated production line is essential to guarantee the quality, safety and consistency of each RoboTaxi”, AutoX said.

The production lines are also equipped with a range of advanced production technologies and systems, including ABB robots and control and transmission systems designed by Siemens, Omron, Schneider Electric, Philips, SEW and Mitsubishi. AutoX said it was to ensure the production-level quality of the complex autonomous driving system.

In a new video from the RoboTaxi factory as it is in operation, viewers get their first glimpse of the AutoX Gen5 system, allowing them to take a close look at the wiring and assembly of the two main sensor towers and blind spot sensor suites.

“Hidden in the trunk of the RoboTaxi is the AutoX XCU, the vehicle’s computer unit that powers the autonomous driving software stack as well as all of the vehicle’s high-resolution sensors via automotive grade connectors. The computer is connected to liquid cooling devices integrated into the vehicle’s thermal management system. After installation, the compact AutoX XCU is neatly stowed away under the trunk, leaving plenty of room for passenger luggage, ”the company said.

Each RoboTaxi leaving the pre-delivery inspection line then goes to automatic control multi-sensor calibration turntable, and goes through wheel calibration as well as temperature and leak testing. As AutoX says, “As soon as a RoboTaxi leaves the doors of the facility, it is ready to operate on its own.”


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