DuPont adds a production line to its Ohio plant


DuPont Interconnect Solutions, an Electronics & Industrial segment company, has completed an expansion project at its manufacturing site in Circleville, Ohio. The $250 million investment expands production of Kapton polyimide films and Pyralux flexible circuit materials, ensuring a committed supply to meet growing global demand in the automotive, consumer electronics, telecommunications, specialty industry and defense serviced by DuPont.

“This is a truly significant milestone for DuPont and the electronics and industrial business,” said Avi Avula, vice president and general manager of DuPont Interconnect Solutions. “Through this expansion, we can raise our levels of service to our customers to help them grow. This new plant is an indication of our renewed commitment to our customers’ growth agenda and allows us to meet their aggressive demand for new products with greater supply reliability and assurance.

Source: Dupont

Circleville’s new manufacturing line uses DuPont’s proprietary processing capabilities to produce advanced Kapton polyimide films, which have set industry standards for over 50 years, delivering high performance, reliability and durability. Kapton polyimide films offer a unique combination of electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties that withstand temperature extremes, vibration and other harsh environments.


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