EXIM Thailand supports the improvement of production processes and product innovation. according to environmental trends, digital world


December 19, 2021

Sunday 19 December 2021

EXIM Thailand emphasizes that Thai companies must develop in a sustainable manner with innovations in production process or products in line with global trends in digital technology development and health care for environmental conservation, EXIM Thailand providing solutions to improve production processes and product development. including e-commerce channels to meet consumer needs in the era of the next normal

On December 16, 2021, Dr Pasu Loharnchun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Export-Import Bank of Thailand (EXIM Thailand), opened the “A Better World in the Next Normal” online forum at the head office of ‘EXIM BANK, which EXIM Thailand aims to be a development Bank. of Thailand Adhere to be a responsible bank for economy, society and environment which will lead to a sustainable bank Therefore, it is ready to support the business operations of entrepreneurs, especially SMEs, for stable growth and durable. Because sustainability is an important guideline for the future development of people and the world. both in terms of natural resources, human resources and social resources The business sector must therefore be attentive to society and the environment. parallel to the growth of the company

Dr Rak Worakijpokathorn, Managing Director of EXIM Thailand, revealed that the way to survive in the Next Normal world is to connect businesses and make products that positively impact the environment. development of digital technology and taking care of the health of the world’s population (Greener, More Digital, More Health), such as business operations that reduce emissions Use an e-commerce platform as an export channel It is estimated that by 2025, the world’s population will make up to 60% of online purchases and consume more healthy food products. Whether it is organic foods, plant-based foods and functional foods, which contain compounds in food, they play a special role in addition to providing essential nutrients to the body. Market value will increase by 10-15% per year by 2027 to meet the changing demands of consumers in the modern world after the COVID-19 outbreak. This is not the end As governments in many countries begin to impose regulations and measures on international trade that are increasingly linked to the environment and consumer health safety. These are forcing Thai entrepreneurs to speed up their business adaptation to keep up with changes and comply with regulations. international trade measures and the needs of new consumers

Dr Rak said that the “sustainable business equation” will be an effective formula that will help Thai businesses grow in a sustainable way, made up of 3 variables: 1. Sustainable business model, taking everyone into account in the world and the results. Sustainable Profits (People, Planet, Profit) 2. Business operations in line with future trends by applying GDH trends to products, services and production processes. or disruption of new business lines and 3. Business alliances, namely EXIM Thailand and various government and private agencies, will help fill the business gaps of Thai entrepreneurs in a comprehensive way. EXIM Thailand provides services to help entrepreneurs adjust their businesses to move towards sustainability. Be it credit services like EXIM Biz Transformation Loan, which support entrepreneurs who want to invest more to improve efficiency and production processes. expand production capacity, including improvement of digital software Minimum interest rate 2% per annum, maximum loan amount 100 million baht, installments up to 7 years, Exim loans for EEC and zone network industrial. For entrepreneurs who wish to invest in the EEC zone (Chonburi, Chachoengsao and Rayong), including industrial zones or special economic zones Interest rates as low as 3% per annum, payments up to 10 years and ‘other services such as international trade and investment risk management tools. and training in export knowledge and business development towards sustainability. In addition, EXIM Thailand is ready to support the building of a strong network of business alliances. Prepare for business adaptation to follow the new world of commerce

In this online forum, EXIM Thailand joins leading government agencies and companies that have been successful in doing business with the concept of sustainability, consisting of Mr. Angsut Wasusan, Deputy Director of Strategy and Strategy Office the persuasion of investors. The Eastern Economic Corridor Policy Office, namely Mr. Thiraphong Chansiri, Managing Director of Thai Union Group Plc. and Ms. Lena Ng, Chief Investment Officer of Amata Corporation Plc. Offer ideas and experiences to transform business operations so that you can survive and grow sustainably. taking into account the impact on the economy, society and the environment for entrepreneurs and interested persons in general

“In the age of the Next Normal, adapting to the shift towards sustainability is not an option. But it is a means of survival for every business. EXIM Thailand is ready to cooperate with its allies. including entrepreneurial clients ready to adapt quickly Helping Thai entrepreneurs, especially SMEs, to enter the export supply chain in a stable and sustainable manner. with operational standards that take into account the environment, society and good governance in responding to the current world of the new era and achieving the sustainable development of the world, ”said Dr Rak.


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