Glass maker £38m investment in city site


Allied Glass, a glassmaker specializing in prestigious spirits, has embarked on a major modernization program.

The company is making a €45m/£38m investment to redevelop its Leeds site.

In April 2022, the site’s furnace was drained and demolished after 12 years of service, to make way for the new development.

Alan Henderson, CEO, said: “This is a huge investment for us here at Allied. Our entire Leeds No.2 workshop is being replaced, from the oven to inspection and packaging of finished goods, which will significantly improve the capabilities of our site.

“We will also continue our developments with an additional £1 million investment in our decoration facility for the second half of this year as our customer base continues to grow.”

The container manufacturing equipment currently in place is to be removed and replaced. Purchases will include new Emhart machines, inspection camera systems, palletizers and a shrink wrap machine.

Allied Glass says it is working on expanding the building that houses the production facility to accommodate the redevelopment.

The work will include the demolition of an existing office block to make way for new buildings, the increase and improvement of cellar space, and the lifting of the roof.

The project will also revolutionize Allied’s ability to manage its carbon footprint, enabling the company to supply greater volumes of glass with fewer emissions, ensuring sustainable glass production through 2030 and beyond.


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