H-TEC SYSTEMS Unveils New Scalable Hydrogen Production Method


The company’s hydrogen cube system is plug-and-play and expanding its capacity.

H-TEC SYSTEMS announced the launch of a new hydrogen production technology using PEM electrolysis to produce green H2.

The company will announce the new Hydrogen Cube System (HCS) at the Hannover Messe 2022.

The modular HCS hydrogen production system is suitable for large multi-MW PEM electrolysis plants. It was designed with the chemical, industrial and renewable energy sectors in mind. Modular, it allows successive scaling and expansion as the projects they serve evolve. Projects are often designed to grow over time and these systems help meet that need.

These modular systems function as building blocks to enable them to service larger PEM electrolysis facilities in the production of renewable H2. To meet this need, 2MW HCSs can be combined to create multi-megawatt generation plants.

Each cube boasts 74% system efficiency and is equipped with its own power supply and integrated process water treatment. In addition, fresh water and H2 treatment or heat extraction can be integrated into the system, depending on the customer’s needs.

One H-TEC SYSTEMS 10 MW HCS is capable of a daily hydrogen production capacity of 4,500 kilograms.

The system is specially designed to allow modular expansion. It is possible to link all the modules for centralized control and monitoring of the entire installation. Projects can start as small as they need and grow from there. For example, even if they start with a 4 MW system, that doesn’t mean they can’t scale up to 50 MW or more over time.

Since the system is scalable and can grow into larger industrial applications, it also helps reduce carbon emissions on a large scale. The reason is that it produces green hydrogen made from renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. Therefore, no greenhouse gas emissions result from the manufacture or use of H2 from HCS.

Hydrogen production - HCS 5 Anlagen+BG COMP03 RGB - H-TEC SYSTEMS

These hydrogen production systems are well suited to highly polluting sectors such as industry, for example chemical plants and the steel industry. That said, they’re also well-aligned for mobility, such as supplying the fleet.

PEM H-TEC Systems electrolyser model


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