Icebreaker disrupts the production process


Icebreaker has found an innovative way to use the excess fabric, creating a whole new collection with the leftovers.

As part of its efforts to “Go Natural”, the Icebreaker Repurposed line uses its Tech Lite and Cool-Lite Eyelet fabrics to create new t-shirts for men and women.

Jordi Beneyto Ferre, senior manager of materials and sustainability at Icebreaker, said the brand wanted to make sure the new range was accessible and of high quality.

“After identifying some excess fabrics in our supply chain, we decided to avoid waste and reuse this fabric in t-shirts to offer our consumers an affordable price.

“Each garment is made from the same high quality merino fabric from previous Icebreaker seasons.

“Our Tech Lite is our most versatile jersey fabric offered in a range of tonal heather in our regular fit.

“Our Cool-Lite Eyelet fabric is lightweight and breathable, offered in a ventilated eyelet t-shirt, perfect for high intensity activities.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to bring a light and bright color palette back into our t-shirt offering – a staple of any summer wardrobe,” he said.

While acknowledging that this may be a small step in moving the production process from linear to circular, Ferre said the brand is still happy with its progress.

“Identifying the excesses in any manufacturing industry can always be a challenge.

“At Icebreaker, we have a long-term commitment to building an ethical and sustainable business. This means that we can’t just turn a blind eye to the excess and it is in our nature to reuse it when we can.

“We recognize that the linear production system is not sustainable for a planet with a growing population and limited resources. We are taking steps to overcome this and reduce unnecessary waste and be as efficient as possible.

“A zero waste future must have a set of principles focused on preventing waste across all categories of waste that encourages reshaping of resource lifecycles so that all products are reused.

“The goal is that no waste is sent to landfills, incinerators or the ocean.

“In this context, we aim to better understand the opportunities for circularity within our production.

“We recognize that this collection is only a small step, but it is progress nonetheless,” he said.

The Tech Lite t-shirt offers men and women four color options each, while the Cool-Lite Eyelet t-shirt is available for women only in 14 colors.

Ferre added that the new Repurposed collection is not the end for the brand in its efforts to reduce its waste.

“As a clothing company, we believe it is extremely important to manage our waste and reduce it as much as possible.

“Icebreaker Repurposed is an initiative we’ve explored to reduce waste and ensure that every piece of our fabric is used.

“Check out this space for the middle of this year, where we’re launching an exclusive collaborative collection with a top scientist who took inspiration from nature’s efficient forms, creating a capsule collection with extremely little waste,” a- he declared.

Icebreaker Repurposed is available online now, with each tee selling for $ 60.


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