Injection syringes and needles for the poultry production industry


Opt for a high-quality syringe

April 27, 2022

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Animal health is an important factor because of the potential economic consequences in the event of an epidemic. Farmers involved in poultry production must pay great attention to the careful selection of the appropriate syringe and needles for successful injection campaigns.

Opt for a high-quality syringe

Socorex Isba SA is a Swiss manufacturer of self-filling injection syringes with spring piston and three-way valve system. Simple design, perfect hand balance and ergonomic design ensure ease of use, operator comfort and fatigue-free field work.

Syringes are intended for repeated vaccination of poultry and other animals. Their recognized reliability benefits animal health since each bird receives the exact dose ensuring effective protection. Socorex syringes are easily removable, cleaned and reused for many years. All parts are available separately to keep the syringes in good working order over a long period of time.

Needle selection

A the quality needle has a very high mechanical resistance. Made of high quality stainless steel, Socorex needles have a very sharp bevel intended for thousands of injections, depending on the type of skin of the animal. The correct length and gauge are chosen based on the size/age of the animal and the type of vaccine. Prefer the smallest possible diameter (gauge) to minimize tissue damage, knowing that thicker liquids may require a larger needle size. Change the needle if it is bent, dirty or worn. The Socorex safety packaging has a sliding lid preventing hand/finger injuries during handling.

Remember to clean up after vaccination

Once the campaign is finished, the operator must rinse, clean, dry and disinfect the injection syringe according to manufacturer’s guidelines. Single-use and used needles should be disposed of in an appropriate safety container. Store reusable equipment in a clean, dry place.

Combining good planning, the use of top quality self-filling syringes for highly professional work and compliance with the rules and legislation in force, all the parameters are there to carry out successful injection campaigns.


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