Jinchen to Provide 10GW High Efficiency Photovoltaic Module Production Line to Waaree – Asia-Pacific

In a significant development, solar module manufacturing equipment specialist Yingkou Jinchen Machinery (Jinchen) and Hitesh Doshi-led Waaree Energies have extended their previous partnership and signed back-to-back contracts to supply 10 GW of power line capacity. high-efficiency automated production for photovoltaic modules.

Under the latest agreement, Jinchen will provide 2.5 GW capacity of the module production line to Waaree, India’s largest photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturer, as the latter plans to set up a complete line of vertically integrated cell polysilicon in India.

After adding a new production line, the Mumbai-based manufacturer’s total module manufacturing capacity will reach 10 GW, making it the largest module manufacturer in the Indian market and one of the world leaders in photovoltaic manufacturing.

To date, Jinchen has delivered a total capacity of 6 GW of production lines to Waaree, and the remaining 4 GW capacity of the module production line is expected to be delivered this year.

Commenting on the partnership with Waaree, Vikas Singh, Jinchen Group Sales Director, told Energetica India that “Waaree is Jinchen’s most important partner in India. The cooperation between Waaree and Jinchen started in 2017.”

Last year, Jinchen secured an order from Waaree to provide 3GW capacity of the automated production line, which was the largest project signed by a Chinese PV module equipment manufacturer and a local investor in the markets. strangers at the time.

“After years of overseas market development, Jinchen Corp. has become a global leader in module manufacturing equipment, providing advanced and reliable automation equipment and solutions for many PV module manufacturers around the world. abroad, and has accumulated rich experience of overseas project delivery,” Singh said further.

Regarding Jinchen’s presence in the Indian market, he added, “In India, Jinchen has been deeply cultivating the local market for many years and has established a powerful team including sales, engineering, project management and after-sales service, providing the fastest and high-quality services. services to local customers in the areas of sales and marketing, project management, on-site support, rapid response, spare parts, etc.

He also assured his customers, saying that “In the future, Jinchen will continue to support the global sustainable development of clean energy through Jinchen’s intelligent manufacturing.”

Earlier in May, Jinchen said it had won several contracts for up to 18 GW capacity of India’s advanced solar module production line in the first half of 2022.

The Chinese OEM has confirmed that it has received tremendous reception from the Indian market, and many leading solar panel manufacturers in India have already been working with Jinchen for several years.


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