Los Angeles production industry to reinstate indoor masking | New


Los Angeles film and TV productions are set to again require indoor masking and other pandemic protocols, thanks to a rise in severe Covid cases in the area.

The current version of the US industry back-to-work agreement between unions and Hollywood studios calls for indoor masking and other safety measures when a metropolitan area has eight or more weekly Covid hospitalizations per 100 000 people over a period of seven days.

At a press conference Thursday, June 30, Los Angeles County Public Health Officer Barbara Ferrer revealed that with Covid cases up 17% from last week, the region has now exceeded the threshold of eight cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which will again lead to a tightening of productions. protocols.

“With new hospital admissions reaching more than eight per week per 100,000 population, they will resume indoor masking requirements, along with several other safety measures,” Ferrer said.

Ferrer also praised the film and television industry for its response to the pandemic: “This industry has worked closely with its labor partners to institute Covid safety measures that create safety for all workers while being able to continue the important work,” she said. “We applaud them and many other companies taking advantage of the many tools available to keep workers safe.”

The industry’s return to work guidelines were first agreed in September 2020 and have been updated several times since then, most recently with some relaxation of protocols. The current version of the agreement was approved in May and runs until July 15.


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