Lucid Motors shares new video of vehicle production process at its electric vehicle plant in Arizona –


Author: Eric Walz

California luxury electric vehicle startup Lucid Motors has shared a new video showing the process of producing state-of-the-art vehicles electric vehicle plant in Arizona. Lucid’s factory is nicknamed Advanced Manufacturing Factory 1 or AMP-1.

The state-of-the-art electric vehicle plant, located on a 590-acre site in Casa Grande, is where Lucid Motors will build its electric vehicles, starting with the Lucid Air Saloon. The luxury electric Lucid Air will compete with the Tesla Model S Performance and other high-performance luxury sedans such as Porsche, BMW and Audi.

The top of the line Lucid Air Dream Edition will produce up to 1,080 horsepower from its advanced electric powertrain with a range of 503 miles.

Lucid Motors is backed by a $ 1 billion investment in 2018 Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF). Construction of the $ 700 million plant continued at a rapid pace last year, despite the pandemic. The site went from virgin land to a factory dedicated to electric vehicles in just one year. The final construction phase was completed in December 2020.

“We opened the 590-acre Lucid AMP-1 site in Casa Grande, Ariz. On December 2, 2019, and just under a year later, we completed the first purpose-built electric vehicle plant in North America. North, ”said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid Motors in December when the final construction phase was completed. “The effort and agility demonstrated by this team is truly amazing, as we are already commissioning equipment compatible with the Lucid manufacturing system to start production of the next generation of electric vehicles, the Lucid Air, in a few months. only.


The Lucid Air sedan.

Future expansion plans include adding state-of-the-art infrastructure that can be scaled up to meet Lucid’s future goals as it looks to take on Tesla and other automakers. Part of this expansion will support Lucid’s Gravity Project, a first electric SUV that will be the company’s next electric vehicle.

Lucid said the plant will eventually be able to produce 400,000 electric vehicles per year, enough capacity to become a challenger to segment leader Tesla, or any other automaker for that matter.

Lucid’s vehicle manufacturing system will use advanced processes for the Lucid Air sedan, including a riveted and glued unibody body structure typically found in Formula 1 racing cars. ‘Air itself is structural. Lucid says he was inspired by the way airplanes are built. The process results in a more rigid body structure.

The first cars to be built in Arizona will be the limited-series Lucid Air Dream Editions, which are sold out despite the sky-high price tag of $ 169,000. The Dream editions will be followed by the Air Grand Touring and Touring models. The budget Touring models will offer 620 horsepower from a two-motor all-wheel-drive electric powertrain and start at $ 87,500.

The more affordable Lucid Air Pure joins the lineup in early 2022 and starts at $ 69,900.

The new video features Lucid’s manufacturing assembly director, Art Schlaud, who shared information about the manufacturing processes used at the plant to build the Air sedan. Lucid Manufacturing Quality Manager Fredirico Tapia Olivas and other employees from the Lucid Motors factory are also in attendance.

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