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Agriculture plays an important role in the Philippine economy. Many Filipinos depend on agriculture for their livelihood, but there is more to agriculture than just growing crops. It is about raising cattle for their meat and other resources. As a result, livestock keepers provide the animals in their care with the appropriate needs and feed to support their growth.

ADM Company (Archer-Daniels-Midland), a global leader in animal nutrition and a multinational food processing company, has seen the demand for animal feed that is not only nutritious but also increases the productivity of livestock.

The company inaugurated its new Wisium premix production line on Wednesday November 17th in San Rafael, Bulacan. The production chain is expected to produce advances in animal health, employment opportunities and industry productivity.

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“The opening of our Wisium premix line further strengthens our position in the industry to help farmers achieve their goal of growing safe and healthy animals by providing them with the best nutrition available,” said Eski Esquivel, Industrial Business Director from ADM Philippines.

Michael Pasco, director of premix of ADM Philippines, added that the new range of premixes will allow Wisium to offer products such as micro and macro premix, a wide range of premixes personalized for each species, their stage of life. and customer needs, in the near infrared. technologies to farmers across the country.

The nutritional benefit of Wisium

As Wisium is dedicated to meeting the needs of local farmers engaged in animal husbandry, the premix line has tapped into the expertise of local and foreign nutritionists so that they can respond quickly and efficiently to customer demands.

“We also have services to test that the raw materials we use are above standards. We want to make sure that the end products that customers receive meet the best nutritional and quality requirements for optimal animal growth, ”said Esquivel.

He added that the product line is currently developing additives included in premixes which are of great benefit to farmers. For example, one of the additives in Wisium chicken feed is intended to prolong the productivity of laying hens, thereby increasing the income of farmers. The additives are made from natural materials so that farmers do not have to worry about feeding their animals feed containing chemicals.

The animal feed premix business also uses an automated system to create their products to stay consistent throughout their operations.

Although farmers and other stakeholders have to pay a higher price for products already available in the market, Wisium promises that the quality of its products and services will provide farmers with the right approach to ensure the health of their livestock and overcome the problems. challenges. in the agricultural sector.

Wisium’s premix products are already available in the market, but the production of custom premixes for Filipino farmers will soon be at its Bulacan branch.

Through Wisium’s line of premix products, ADM has opened up new opportunities for local farmers and the Philippine agricultural industry. Their products not only provide customizable feeds that meet the different needs of animals during different stages of their growth, but also a way for farmers to earn more from their livestock.

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