Nichirei: Niagro Nichirei do Brasil Agricola Ltda Introduces New “Acerola Powder” Production Line—Providing Markets with Fully Traceable Raw Materials—


August 22, 2022

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Nichirei Foods Inc.

Niagro Nichirei do Brasil Agricola Ltda

Introduced a new “acerola powder” production line

-Provide markets with fully traceable raw materials-

Nichirei Foods Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; Representative Director, Chairman: Masahiko Takenaga)

subsidiary in Brazil, Niagro Nichirei do Brasil Agricola Ltda (head office: Brazil; hereinafter “Niagro”), active in the acerola sector, will invest 900 million yen to introduce a new powder production line. Using sustainable and traceable ingredients, in addition to traditional acerola juice, Niagro will produce acerola powder as a new mainstay of business, aiming for a sales volume (fruit basis) of more than 135% in 2023 compared to to 2021.

  • Clean label is a new trend in food established primarily in the United States and Europe that refers to foods prepared from simple ingredients with easy to understand labeling. This concept is represented by terms such as additive-free, natural, organic, and non-GMO.

New Nigeria factory

Acerola powder

  • Growing Clean Label Ingredients Market and Growing Demand for Acerola Powder

The number of new products launched in 2021 using clean labels increased by 116% compared to 2017 due to a growing awareness of food safety and consumer safety. Going forward, this trend is expected to continue amid the steady growth of the own brand ingredients market.


Increase in the number of new products using clean labels launched in the global market



110 109



Source: Created using data from Innova Market Insights, index for each year with 2017 set to 100 (base year).

In response to this trend, there is a growing need for acerola powder, which contains a high amount of natural vitamin C, for uses such as maintaining food quality.

Mainly grown in Brazil, Vietnam and other tropical countries with intense sunlight, acerola produces a large amount of natural vitamin C, about 50 times more than what is found in juice. orange. However, another property of acerola is that the amount of natural vitamin C decreases as the fruit ripens and turns red, so it is harvested early when it contains a higher amount of natural vitamin C and processed into powdered acerola. acerola. At present, acerola is the only food rich in natural vitamin C that can be produced on an industrial scale. Acerola is widely used as a Clean Label ingredient in Europe and North America, where it is sold as a supplement as well as an ingredient used in bakery and processed meat products.

Examples of using acerola powder

Natural vitamin supplement

Color preservation

Product improvement

(ham, bacon and sausage

(bakery apps)


In fact, the amount of juice shipped from early-harvested fruit used as clean-label ingredients hit an all-time high in Niagro in 2021, increasing more than 150% from the previous year. The demand for acerola powder is expected to continue to grow as the market for clean ingredients expands.


  • About Niagro Acerola Powder Company

As mentioned above, to meet the growing demand for acerola powder as a clean ingredient, Niagro will establish new production lines and start acerola powder production.

Since Niagro only processes acerola ingredients purchased entirely from co-producers, it is possible to ensure traceability thanks to the complete trace of all powdered ingredients.

Currently, more than 40% of consumers are aware of sustainability,* thus, the demand for advanced traceability required for own-brand ingredients is expected to grow even more in the future.

In response to a strong expectation and a strong demand for clean label ingredients ensuring traceability, Niagro will cultivate acerola powder as a new business pillar in addition to acerola juice, aiming for a higher sales volume (fruit base) 135% in 2023 compared to 2021.

*Source: Innova Nutrition & Health Survey 2020 (average of UK, US, Spain, France, Brazil, India, Germany, Mexico, China and from Indonesia)

Main characteristics of the acerola powder produced by Niagro

  1. superior ingredient
  1. Standardized vitamin C content
    With advanced control technologies, Niagro can stably supply the vitamin C content in powder required by customers.
  2. Transparency of ingredients
    All of Niagro’s acerola raw materials are purchased from co-producers, allowing full traceability and highly transparent ingredients.
  1. Superior quality

Based on Nichirei Group’s long history in developing and producing acerola powder, we have achieved a product that is smooth, easy to use, and non-blocking even after being stored.

3. Environmental Considerations

Integrating production in one area without depending on transportation at any stage, from cultivation to concentration and powder processing, helps to reduce environmental loads related to freezing, transportation and thawing.

4. Sustainability Response

In the questionnaire conducted by Ecovadis, a global authority on sustainable supply chain ratings, Niagro received a gold rating for the second consecutive year, a high sustainability score equivalent to ranking in the top 5% of all companies assessed.



1. Location

Avenida Luis de Souza, 721, Lotes 14 to 17, Quadra H, Distrito Industrial, Petrolina/PE-CEP: 56308-420,


2. Building area (total area)

Factory building of approx. 2,810 m2

  1. Amount invested Approximately 900 million yen
  2. Powder production capacity About 560 tons per year
  3. Employees

About 24 people (as of February 2023)

  1. Start of operations February 2023 (plan)
  2. Range of manufactured products Acerola powder


Nichirei Foods Inc.

Marketing Department, Public Relations Group

Email: [email protected]

Nichirei Higashi-Ginza Building 6-19-20 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8402 Japan



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