Pehart Group, new production line in Sebeș with an investment of more than 10 million euros


Pehart Group, a Romanian company with a tradition of almost 185 years and one of the largest paper producers in South Eastern Europe, inaugurates a new production line in Sebeș. It will operate with advanced, innovative and high-performance technologies in terms of protecting the environment, employees and end customers. The new production line at the Pehart factory in Sebeș has benefited from an investment of more than 10 million euros, and the technologies used here take paper production to a different level – finished products, toilet paper and paper towels have improved a lot to higher quality. High-performance technologies increase their absorption capacity, their resistance, their elasticity and their fineness.

Present with household and industrial products in 18 European countries, Pehart Group is constantly concerned about sustainability in various areas: respect for the environment, responsible acquisition policies and an integrated management system. Purchases are made only from trusted and authorized sources; the paper is produced exclusively from pulp (FSC certified) from forests specially cultivated for the production of paper. The concern for sustainability is taken to a new level with the inauguration of the new converting paper production line in Sebeș.

The opening of a new production line is a natural part of the company’s development plans. Our business strategy aims to increase production capacity for the domestic market, strengthening the position of our own brands in large chain stores and constantly increasing product quality, but also for the external market, expanding into new new countries. The production line equipped with advanced technologies will also lead to the upgrading of Pufina products to premium level. Finally, we also wanted to increase the company’s extra-financial performance. Specifically, promoting an ethical development trend, which means on the one hand taking care of the environment, and on the other hand investing in strong local communities, creating new job opportunities. The Sebeș production line also uses modern green technologies that keep productivity at its best, while making production costs more efficient. All this is done with respect for nature, one of the important pillars of Pehart values“, noted Gabriel Stanciu, Managing Director of the Pehart Group.

The fusion of heated roll paper on the new Pehart production line in Sebeș, among the first technologies of this type in the world

The Pehart Sebeș production line uses a technology rarely used in the papermaking process: heated roll paper. The innovative technology with heated rollers increases the strength, elasticity and absorbency of the paper and at the same time represents a more sustainable and economical alternative to conventional practices. Last but not least, its maintenance costs are lower and the risks associated with its use are incomparably lower than for traditional technologies.

The new production line has innovative technologies that reduce adhesives

Traditionally, adhesives are used in the paper converting process, resulting in environmental and operational drawbacks. However, the new Pehart production line in Sebeș uses Aquabond technology, which can replace adhesives with water in the process of laminating white toilet paper. This reduces the production time, but also the costs related to the maintenance of the machines. This technology guarantees adhesion quality, efficiency comparable to adhesive bonding and reduced production costs by reducing adhesives.

The new production line also offers the possibility of environmentally friendly packaging, with biodegradable materials

The concern for high quality and environmentally friendly products is reflected in the new Pehart production line in Sebeș and in “green” packaging solutions that help protect the environment while keeping pace with technologies and maintaining optimum productivity. Thus, for some of the products produced in Pehart Sebeș, a combination of paper and bioplastic material will be used for packaging. Environmentally friendly packaging solutions are used for Pufina Natura products. They are not only recyclable and biodegradable, but as versatile as polyethylene in terms of product protection, packaging options, printability and mechanical stress during the production process.

Currently, Pehart operates with two factories in Sebes, Alba County and Dej, Cluj County. Pufina is the second largest household paper brand in the Romanian market, while Pehart produces a large part of the retail chains’ own brand products. At the same time, Pehart is the first tissue paper products factory to introduce in Romania the IF-HPC certificate, which certifies the implementation of a product safety system.

The Pehart group owns Pufinaone of the most popular profile brands, which includes a wide range of products, from toilet paper and paper towels to wipes and tissues. Alint and Highness the brands are also part of the company’s portfolio. Pehart also produces jumbo rolls, large rolls of paper, for industrial customers and for its own consumption. They are used in the process of making paper products for household and industrial use. Pehart Group is the largest processor of paper products for household and industrial use in Romania. Pehart produces 100,000 tons of tissue paper every year, and after launching the production line in Sebeș, has a finished product processing capacity of more than 75,000 tons. 70% of all household and industrial products are sold in Romania. Over the past 6 years, the company has made significant investments of 36.2 million euros in modern and innovative factories and production lines.


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