Production Line, an automotive factory simulation, announced for Switch


Publisher Klabater and developer Positech Games have announced that their car factory simulation title, Production line, will be released on consoles, Switch included. Challenge players to create the most efficient assembly line possible in a tycoon-like simulation experience, Production line has impressed PC gamers, and hopefully will be able to do the same on consoles.

You can see Production line in action in the trailer below.

Here is some basic information about Production line.

– Take part in a tough race to be productive and be profitable at the same time
– Expand your car factory and research new production methods to become a giant in the automotive industry
– Design and build your car factory using the approach discovered by Henry Ford. Ford’s system became a model for the assembly line revolution and is still in use in high-tech factories today.
– Hire product design researchers to upgrade your cars with new technologies like automatic headlights, power steering, bluetooth phone support and voice recognition
– Find and correct inefficiencies that can affect the carefully planned production process
– Use every square meter of your factory and reduce production costs per car to the bare minimum

At this time, no release date is known for Production line on Switch and other consoles. Hope it will be worth the wait.

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