Rousselot adds a porcine collagen production line to its flagship plant in Ghent


Rousselot is uniquely positioned to supply premium quality porcine collagen ingredients to the global food market

With a further expansion of its production capacity, supported by a strong commitment to operational excellence, Rousselot is uniquely positioned to supply premium quality porcine collagen ingredients to the global food market, as well as the growing supplement industry. nutritional.

Rousselot, the health brand of Darling Ingredients and the world leader in collagen solutions, announces an increase in its production capacities for porcine collagen, meeting the growing demand for premium collagen ingredients.

The newly opened production line in Ghent, Belgium will specialize in the manufacture of Peptan P – the leading brand of collagen peptides.

This new line complements Rousselot’s existing bovine and fish collagen production capabilities and will improve manufacturers’ access to premium quality collagen ingredients and speed to market.

Diversify production with quality porcine collagen

Consumer interest in collagen supplements is growing worldwide, with the category seeing product launches triple in number between 2017 and 2021.

To help nutraceutical manufacturers capitalize on these market trends, Rousselot increased its collagen peptide production facilities from two in 2019 to four sites; Angoulême (France), Amparo and Presidente Epitácio (Brazil), and now, a factory dedicated to the production of premium porcine collagen (Peptan P) in Ghent (Belgium).

This IFS, AFSCA and HACCP certified site, specialized in the extraction of porcine collagen since 1962, is one of the largest sites of this type in the world, and today produces premium porcine collagen peptides according to the highest standards. of quality and safety.

Alongside the new production line at the Ghent site is also the Global Expertise Center in Rousselot, where the science and innovation teams operate R&D and application labs, a sensory program and a pilot room to pilot the organization’s innovation pipeline.

Meeting global demand with accessible solutions

The supply of beef and fish collagen has met with enormous success in recent years.

However, porcine collagen has the potential to play a bigger role in the nutraceutical market.

Rousselot’s premium porcine collagen brand, Peptan P, offers an accessible, effective and adaptable ingredient as an alternative source of high-quality collagen.

The raw materials used to manufacture Peptan P are traceable up to four hours from the supplier, consisting of GMO-free pork sourced exclusively from registered European farms, audited by Rousselot.

This commitment to full traceability gives nutraceutical manufacturers valuable information about the species of origin, quality and safety of their collagen ingredients.

In addition to providing growers with complete peace of mind, Peptan P presents a versatile, cost-effective collagen peptide solution with a range of functional claims.

By incorporating the ingredient into their offering, nutraceutical manufacturers can take advantage of the range of scientifically backed benefits that the Peptan brand offers.

Additionally, Peptan P is highly bioavailable, soluble in cold water and with a completely neutral sensory profile, there are virtually no limits to its potential in food, beverage and nutraceutical applications.

New perspectives in collagen solutions

Gaetan Noiret, Global Director, Health and Nutrition at Rousselot, comments: “The addition of a new production line allows us to go further with our customers, providing them with the safe, traceable and scientifically based collagen solutions that they need to succeed in today’s market.

Noiret continues: “Our Ghent facility is perfectly positioned to produce first-class porcine-derived collagen peptides – giving manufacturers the ability to diversify their offerings with accessible, cutting-edge ingredients backed by credible scientific research – ensuring quick to market.

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