Tesla releases stunning video of Giga Berlin production process


An hour ago, Tesla released a stunning video showing how its teams work inside Giga Berlin and showed how the Model Y is produced at its German gigafactory.

Tesla also invited viewers to come and work at Giga Berlin, writing “Come join the Giga Berlin team!”

Tesla will therefore have to continue to hire diligently at Giga Berlin. Around 3,000 people currently work in Grünheide. However, Tesla needs at least 10,000 employees for mass production. Tesla also wants to set up a second production line this year. Then hundreds of thousands of Teslas could roll off the assembly line over the next year.

But it’s not just the cars that have to be built in East Brandenburg. Tesla is also building a battery factory that is expected to start later this year. And Elon Musk gave a hint on Tuesday about other products that could also be made in Grünheide. “We will also manufacture storage devices. This will be very important in enabling the storage of renewable energy. We are extremely convinced that the world can move to a sustainable energy future – with a combination of solar cars, wind turbines, storage and electricity,” said the tech billionaire.

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