Tessenderlo Group will build a new fertilizer production line in France – Chemical Engineering


By Mary Page Bailey |

Tessenderlo Group (Brussels, Belgium) has announced its intention to build a new organic fertilizer production line in Vénérolles (Aisne, France). The new line will focus on the production of organic pellets for its Violleau business unit, meeting the growing demand for organic fertilizers. It should be operational from the first quarter of 2023 and will be built at the Akiolis manufacturing site in Vénérolles. Thanks to the supply of meat and bone meal and animal protein (category 2 and category 3) from the Akiolis biovalorization sector, the Violleau unit is able to offer products with a high concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus, particularly beneficial for organic. Agriculture.

In 2021, Tessenderlo Group created a new growth unit, called Violleau, to support the growth of organic agricultural solutions in Europe. Violleau specializes in the production of organic amendments and fertilizers from animal and plant materials, as well as in the marketing of biocontrol products. Violleau organic and organo-mineral formulations, made in France, in compost or in granules, can be used in organic and conventional agriculture for applications in field crops, vines, arboriculture, market gardening or green spaces.

“With the new production line in Vénérolles, we are further strengthening our local presence on the organic fertilizer market. Our new production line responds to the growing demand for organic fertilizers from the European market, which is in line with the European Union’s farm-to-table strategy,” explains Didier Coppieters, GU director at Violleau. “At the same time, we will also provide better service to the agricultural market in the North of France and Belgium thanks to the strategic location of Vénérolles”, adds Dominique Billard, General Manager Violleau France. Violleau already operates a production plant in La Ronde in Deux-Sèvres (France).


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