UNTHA Destroyer Helps Renova Streamline RDF Production Line


Renova Group has developed its alternative fuels capabilities in collaboration with UNTHA Iberica.

Family-owned Renova has commissioned a single-stage RDF (refuse-derived fuel) production line, enabling it to turn waste into a renewable energy source using a single grinding machine. An UNTHA XR30000C waste crusher now sits at the heart of the plant, producing 50mm homogeneous fuel for the cement industry.

Renova Group is no stranger to the reuse, recycling and recovery of commercial and industrial waste. The company has been collecting and processing a variety of materials – including metals, textiles, plastics, rubber and wood – for 36 years and has five manufacturing sites across the country.

Aware of UNTHA Iberica’s growing profile in the waste-to-energy market, the team took business trips to Europe to see exactly what the technology is capable of. UNTHA Iberica has demonstrated the performance of the XR grinders by processing a number of different input materials to produce RDF to specification.

Impressed by the machine’s productivity and low operating costs, Renova Group opted for UNTHA Iberica.

“We quickly realized that the UNTHA XR would increase our RDF production capacity and give us more process flexibility as the robust machine can handle a number of very difficult materials that prove too tough for most other shredders” , says Eduardo Pirani, CEO of Renova Group.

“But we also knew that the profitability of our operation would be further improved because the UNTHA XR is so efficient,” continues Pirani. “Consuming up to 75% less energy than equivalent hydraulic diesel mulchers, the fuel savings are considerable. The machine is also very easy to maintain, with little downtime, which means that the costs of overhead are very affordable. In fact, our operating costs have already been reduced by 40 percent.”

The XR currently processes 15 tonnes of material per hour to meet Renova Group requirements.

“Everything in this factory was designed with the Renova Group in mind,” says Pirani. “Yes, the XR is very popular around the world, but UNTHA Iberica took the time to fully understand our needs and configure the crusher to our exact requirements.

“The machine is now operational, but it’s proving to be a fantastic ongoing partnership – our operators work well with UNTHA Iberica’s customer service experts, ensuring our chipper is always in peak operating condition, and we have quick and easy access to spares and wear parts when we need them All of these factors are important when it comes to investing in crushing technology, and UNTHA Iberica ticks all the boxes.


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