West Chester Man’s videography business is heading to the ‘top’ of the production industry


Image via Danny Apex Productions.

Dan Digin.

The story of Danny Apex Productions started at Rustin High School, where West Chester native Dan Diggin and his friends aired the morning announcements. Although it took years to form his company, Diggin knew he had found a passion for production.

“I’ve seen my whole life through video,” Diggin said. “That’s my train of thought. I didn’t realize that’s how my brain works until later in life. When I watch movies, I reconstruct them into my own story, similar to what someone might see in a dream.

A multi-talented man with a strong resume, Diggin always has a goal and taps into his creativity when pursuing a new project.

For example, he had a landscaping startup in his early twenties with the end goal of working for everyone in his neighborhood. Once he achieved this, he ran a LEGO business from his home, where he and a small team of employees collected and sold sets. Diggin also designed custom instruction booklets, which fueled his passion for creation, and achieved the goal of producing his own LEGO sets for sale in North America.

Video had taken a secondary place in his life and getting into production required major investments. Yet he knew he had to go back to doing what he loved. Accumulating his funds from all previous projects helped him found Danny Apex Productions in 2020.

Diggin is thrilled to be able to use his gear, advance his talent, and connect with the community.

“For me, there is no greater feeling than producing; there’s no better feeling than having your work presented and received in such a good way,” Diggin said.

Of course, he also has a goal in mind for Danny Apex Productions: to film and produce a Super Bowl commercial.

“Apex means reaching the top, the pinnacle,” he said. “I live my life through my passion, and you need that passion. Otherwise, it will never work. We are on the rise and striving to reach the top.

Diggin and his team have produced a number of videos for live events, entertainment, and commercial and individual spotlights. Recent productions include the VISTA Millennial Superstars reception and a spotlight on winner Matrie Johnson for the nonprofit Women and Girls Fund.

“Filming live events like the VISTA Millennial Superstar Celebration makes me feel excited and excited by the pressure,” he said. “You have to make sure the cameras are ready and everyone has 45 seconds to go. Being in a live event like this with over 300 people is what keeps me going.

Speaking with VISTA Millennial Superstars and Matrie Johnson allowed Diggin to get to know people by interviewing them. He said it reaffirms the good things their peers and colleagues have said about them, and he can say why they were chosen for this award.

Diggin looks forward to serving Chester County and surrounding areas and growing its customer base. Learn more about Danny Apex Productions.


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